Ensure you’re seeing the best to perform and visit your eye care professional. Understanding and resolving your visual needs will give you the confidence and ability to improve in your daily activities. A comprehensive eye health examination can make a big difference in an individual’s life. The goal is to ensure you’re seeing the best for success.

In the video below, Eye Associates of Don Mills’ patient, Phil Watanabe, is a professional financial stock trader and ultimate player for the Toronto Rush. He understands the importance of clear vision and wears contact lenses and eyeglasses to be able to perform on and off the field. Contact lenses, sport goggles, and vision correction surgery are great solutions for athletes who require vision correction.

Other solutions is Vision Therapy (often called “VT”), which involves activities and procedures specifically designed to improve a patient’s visual skills and visual performance. These activities and challenges are designed and delivered by certified Optometrists. Eating healthy, exercising, and protecting your eyes from the sun are also great tips to preserve visual performance. Talk to your Optometrist to learn more pro tips to enhance your visual performance.

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