“I used to think I didn’t like to read because I was stupid, now I realize it was a problem with my eyes.”

  • Seeing clearly is one out of seventeen different visual skills that are needed for an efficient and accurate visual system
  • These skills are developed over time through experience with our environment
  • There are some children who do not develop these skills properly
  • There are some adults and children who may lose them from a head injury, whiplash or concussion
  • Our visual system represents 70% of the incoming visual sensory information to the brain in your everyday life
  • Our quality of life depends on all our senses and gifts working properly. Can you imagine if seeing improperly can affect your daily activities?

Don’t take our gift of sight for granted because it helps develop you as an individual. We are able to learn through sight. When we learn, we obtain knowledge. When we have knowledge, we are capable of being successful. Many of our Optometrists have a strong interest in vision therapy, let’s ensure you’re seeing the best for success.

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